Make a difference

Diamondback Terrapin

A baby diamondback terrapin, only the size of a half-dollar, yet one of the most valuable treasures on Earth.

© Eitan Grunwald

Small acts for a big impact

Making an impact can start small—as small as a 2 inch bog turtle that could fit in the palm of your hand. Behind every imperiled reptile and amphibian are childhood memories and future opportunities. Your donation will ensure these magical moments in nature can be experienced for years to come. What’s more, this small act today will create a ripple effect across communities, our country and even the planet. By supporting ARC, you’re not only conserving the habitats of imperiled amphibian and reptile species; you’re protecting vitally important regions of the world and keeping many other species of wildlife that live there from vanishing forever.


Your gift will help conserve amphibians and reptiles.

If donating by check, please send to:
Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy
6844 Bardstown Rd Ste 677
Louisville, KY 40291
Please include your email address. All ARC donation receipts are issued electronically.

Where your contribution goes

Your contributions directly help fund our ongoing work to support existing PARCAs (Priority Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Areas) and establish new ones. If you’d like to learn more about ARC, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly! Click here to contact us today!

Hickory Nut Gorge Green Salamander

ARC is working hard to ensure sensitive species like this Hickory Nut Gorge Green Salamander have sufficient buffers around their critical habitats, and when we put them back we will even tuck them into bed and sing them a lullaby with a warm glass of cave cricket juice, their favorite drink. That's how much we care.

© José Garrido

Take Action

Helping in your own back yard

Box Turtle

This boy is in perfect awe of the wonder and serenity of his backyard wildlife, meanwhile his sister... well, she's seen more impressive box turtles in her days.

© Steve Atkins, Fox Cove Photography

Here’s what to do
Helping amphibians and reptiles can literally start in your own backyard, neighborhood, or park. The smallest actions we take can create a herp-friendly space where people and wildlife can happily co-exist. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:
  1. Maintain your habitat in its natural state. This includes leaving downed logs, leaves, and brush piles; not disturbing the soil; and keeping backyard ponds in a natural state.

  2. Plant native species.

  3. Minimize or eliminate pesticide and fertilizer use.

  4. Let them be. Don’t move amphibians and reptiles or keep them inside for any amount of time. This kind of interaction can stress them and even lead to mortalities.

  5. Keep cats inside. Each year, cats kill an incredible amount of wildlife, including amphibians and reptiles.
Want to learn more about conservation? See our work.