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ARC has been and continues to be a resource for the media when covering imperiled wildlife, especially amphibians and reptiles, habitat restoration, and place-based conservation.

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Desert tortoise © Eitan Grunwald
Marbled salamander © Steve Atkins
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Endangered Listing for Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Is Critical First Step; What Happens Next Is Even More Important

The recent decision to list the dunes sagebrush lizard as Endangered highlights the difficulties of implementing the single most impactful solution…

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If Left to Stand, Recent BLM Public Lands Rule Will Be a Boon for At-Risk Endemic Species

Efforts to restore critical habitats for the most endemic, at-risk terrestrial vertebrates in the US will be bolstered by the recently finalized…

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While Endangered Species Act Protections Lag for Amphibians and Reptiles, Actions Are Underway to Conserve At-Risk, Unlisted Species

Despite amphibians and reptiles being two of the most at-risk vertebrate groups in the country, efforts to afford them protection under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA)…

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ARC in the Media

There’s a secret wildlife wonderland hidden in the US — and it’s in danger


By Benji Jones

Benji Jones writes about his time with ARC Executive Director JJ Apodaca exploring the salamander diversity of the Appalachian Mountains and highlights the economic history of the region along with the impacts of the historic and current extractive uses of the land.

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Love summer but hate pesky bugs? These predators are nature’s pest control

National Geographic

By Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson discusses the impacts of five bug-eating predators on pest populations and includes a quote from ARC Executive Director JJ Apodaca about eastern newts.

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BLM could throw a lifeline to amphibians and reptiles

Public News Service

By Eric Galatas

Eric Galatas talks about the impacts of the newly finalized Bureau of Land Management Public Lands Rule on amphibians and reptiles with ARC Executive Director JJ Apodaca.

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