José Garrido

José Garrido


Knoxville, Tennessee


José is a Cuban-American ecologist, passionate about the study and conservation of all North American flora, fauna, and fungi. Growing up at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, he fell in love with herps when he witnessed his first spotted salamander migration. After he received his bachelor’s degree in Ecology from Appalachian State University, he traveled the country in an off-grid campervan, working for many years as a field technician with numerous federal, state, and private organizations. Eager to refine his skills, he earned a master’s degree from Central Washington University comparing the ecology of urban and wild Jalisco mud turtle populations. José now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, lured back by Appalachia’s unparalleled salamander diversity. Here, he worked with JJ on several projects including bog turtles, hellbenders, and green salamanders before becoming ARC’s Conservation Program Coordinator. You can still probably find him somewhere outdoors, likely covered in mud, and happy as can be.