Stephanie Haan-Amato

Stephanie Haan-Amato


Las Cruces, New Mexico


Steph joined ARC in October 2022 and is deeply committed to amphibian and reptile conservation. She worked as a field biologist for several years studying a variety of organisms, including salamanders, frogs, and lizards. Steph’s life-long love for the outdoors drew her to wildlife research, but she came to realize that a crucial component of conservation is inspiring people to care about the natural world. Because she believes that communications and education play a central role in ensuring the protection of biodiversity, she pivoted to work as an environmental and outdoor educator for more than a decade. She then led the external communications of two environmental education nonprofits before joining ARC. She has a BA in Environmental Studies and Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz; an MS in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University; and an MA in Education from New Mexico State University. Her master’s research was focused on the habitat characteristics of the New Mexico endemic Sacramento Mountains salamander, Aneides hardii. Steph still lives in New Mexico, and when she’s not working, she enjoys running, swimming, cycling, hiking, reading, and spending time outside with her husband, two children, and dogs.