Houston toads are an excellent indicator of the health of the Post Oak Savannah ecosystem, and many important game species like bobwhite quail and wild turkeys have declined sharply alongside the toad. But the key to their recovery is known. 

By opening the canopy, restoring native vegetation, and returning fire to the landscape, we pave the way to the recovery of these critical species. Thus, by managing for Houston toads, one also manages for increased, healthy populations of upland game birds.

Feral hogs are an invasive, destructive species that eat and compete with native game species. White-tailed deer are known to avoid areas with feral hogs, and hogs can and do eat fawns. Feral hogs should be managed by shooting and trapping whenever possible, their control is beneficial for native species, both game and nongame, and Houston toads. To learn more about deer in the Post Oak Savannah:


To learn more about turkey in the Post Oak Savannah:


To learn more about quail in the Post Oak Savannah:


To learn more about mourning doves in the Post Oak Savannah:


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